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If you would like to spoil your family and friends or yourself with the perfect Parisian gift, Be Smart In Paris has the solution. No more impersonal gadgets bought at the last minute at the airport! Your Be Smart in Paris shopper, Christine will discuss your family’s and friends' passions, tastes, and hobbies, find the perfect «Parisian gift». Among the many treasures hidden from the visitor to Paris are, an original jeweller, an elegant hat designer, a great chocolate artisan, a unique French toy builder.

Your time is precious, so Be Smart In Paris provides several advantages: seamlessly moving from the right shop to the right shop and the satisfaction of knowing exactly where to find what you want.

Be Smart In Paris can enhance your wardrobe too...

After determining your style, what you are looking for, I will choose the boutiques that best suit your style. Be it vintage, classic, chic fashion showrooms, or simply typical Parisian boutiques. I will guide you through a half-day or one full-day program designed just for you.

Please note, Be Smart In Paris does not accept commissions from any of the shops that we take you to. Only adults pay for this tour.

Be Smart In Paris does not accept persons under 18 unless they are accompanied by an adult.
Piercing exhibition at Paris - Trocadéro
From March 13, 2019 to March 9, 2020
Musée de l\'homme
Do you know the story of piercing? This practice dating back to Prehistory and of which we find marks on all continents. You will learn more about a practice that is no longer reserved for punk, gay and SM cultures.See something different, open your eyes
Van Gogh, The Starry Night
From February 22nd to December 31st 2019
Atelier des Lumières
A mind-blowing, with 15000-sqm walls screening elements of Van Gogh’s mots famous paintings for a 35-minute light and sound show: all in all, over 2000 moving pictures promising you an astounding immersion.